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To improve health care, you begin by looking critically at the care that is currently being delivered and how it affects patients. The AAAHC Institute takes the ambiguity out of that critical look through studies focused on clinical performance measurement.

Clinical performance measurement can be the study of a procedure, like cataract surgery or of how a chronic disease, like asthma, is managed. How patients fare as a result of clinical interventions, including their satisfaction with the care they received, their functional capabilities, their health status, and the cost of the services received, is also a subject of clinical performance measurement.

Why choose an AAAHC Institute study?
Four aspects differentiate these studies from most other clinical performance measurement opportunities:

1. AAAHC Institute studies are designed specifically for the ambulatory care environment.

2. AAAHC Institute studies are NOT burdensome. Study tools are brief and simple to use. Once collected, any staff member can enter the case data into a secure on-line tool.

3. AAAHC Institute reports are easy to read and include graphic displays that allow readers to understand results at-a-glance.

4. The AAAHC Institute provides organizations with the opportunity to trend performance over time through repeated examination of a variety of surgical procedures.


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